Our 100th commercial fitting

We are pleased to announce the completion of our 100th commercial fitting! Earlier this year we were contracted to carry out work on a section of original bathroom facilities in a part of the new city centre shopping complex. Having already worked on previous set-ups which were similar to this we were positive of producing another fantastic public facility, and now that it is finished and up and running we are confident that we haven’t disappointed. We have worked closely with the local council’s planning department to ensure that all requirements with regards to quality and ease of use were met. We provide assistance with boiler installation in addition to other plumbing work.

Manchester's Plumbers tapsUtilising the latest in Armitage Shanks sanitaryware and fittings, Manchester’s Plumbers has created a stylish and modern bathroom with colouring to match the overall look and feel of the shopping complex. Our brief for this installation was to create an area that was aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on the latest in commercial bathroom products. The selection of motion-activated stainless steel taps with block embedded sinks made for a simple yet impressive visual, for which customer feedback has so far been excellent. The WCs themselves are wall-mounted, with no exposed piping and like the sinks they make use of motion-activated technology. Manchester’s Plumbers staff working on the fit highlighted concerns that airflow through the bathroom was insufficient to reduce moisture in the air, so we brought in ventilation experts to remedy this issue. Upon completion, the head of development for the shopping complex thanked Manchester’s Plumbers for our expertise in this matter.

We also suggested the use of Dyson Airblade hand dryers to compliment the modern feel of the facility. Manchester’s Plumbers often advise commercial clients on this particular product as it gives superior quality drying with reduced noise and energy use. As a company we are pleased to promote other brands who have the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as we do. Looking forward Manchester’s Plumbers hopes to build on our past successes and keep bettering the standard of plumbing in Manchester. Congratulations to everyone involved with the first 100 commercial fits and here’s to the next 100.

If you need assistance of any kind we are available for all drain and pipe work. Including drain modifications to resolve your slow drain issues.