What boiler should I choose to have installed?

What boiler should I choose to have installed?

What boiler is correct for your home or your business is a personal matter. It’s a question of size, volume and usage. The boiler that you are looking to replace will be a good indicator to what capacity you need to be looking for.

Speak to a local professional for advice, and find out for yourself the great extent that a local plumber can help you with this matter.

Certified and ready to be of assistance at all times. Our trained plumber team are ready for your call if you need us. That means 24/7 in case of emergency leaks and other urgent issues.

what boiler should i chooseIt can be hard to pick in with so many models available on the market. Our specialists can help you find the right boiler for you, and help you with everything from delivery to installation.

If there is room for it in your budget, there are many eco friendly options on the market to contend for your pick. Our skilled team recommend eco models as they both save the environment and in many cases. Provide a long term saving on the energy bills. Speak to us about our eco friendly boiler availability today, and find out if an eco friendly boiler is the right choice for you.

Boilers come in different sizes, one which is sufficient for your daily needs is always the best choice. As with size the prize climbs. Boiler technology today has come a long way. And with better ways of insulating homes we see a warmer and more comfortable future for many of our customers. Call us if you would like more information and assistance with your home or business boiler installation.

How do I keep my pipes from freezing this winter?

The absolute most superior way to deal with frozen pipes is simply to avoid them. To not let them freeze in the first place. To practice good habits with regards to your home heating system, is to save your boiler and radiators damage. It is also a way to saving yourself from unwanted stress, hassle and a cold.

If you know your water supply system is exposed during the colder parts of the year. Simply turning the water off to the areas where pipes run outdoors or where there is risk of damage due to the freezing temperatures.

Find the right insulation for your pipes with your plumbing expertsOther preparatory measures are things like making sure that your outdoor pipes are insulated and kept flowing. This simply means. During particularly cold days, run the boiler for long enough to heated water to run through the whole system. This may take up to one or two hours depending on your system.

Another solution is to install a light heating source for the pipes which are at risk of freezing. Things like heating cables or heating mats are ideal for the job. Speak to our frozen pipe prevent specialists today to find out more. Great solutions, competitive in price, are ready in store to keep you warm and cosy this winter. Consultation and installations are affordable and with good pipe care. You will save yourself money in the long run.

Lastly, if there are any areas where sinks, pipes or other pipework is exposed to an exterior wall. Make sure the warm air from the house to circulate. Often in such places, insulation for the wall is thin. But simply leaving the cupboard doors open is enough to resolve this issue in a vast majority of the cases. Feel free to contact our pipe technicians at your convenience for quick and competitive quotes. And to have your plumbing questions answered straight away.