Emergency central heating work

In the last week Manchester Plumbers has been busy on a project for an office block in Manchester town centre. The task started with an emergency call-out late one evening when the employee locking up the building noticed flooding in the bathroom – his worst nightmare at just the time he was ready to go home! He placed a call to Manchester Plumbers and we had a van out to him in 15 minutes. The radiator in the bathroom had had been hanging away from the wall for some time, and the pipe elbow fitting had finally given into the weight. Water was steadily seeping across the bathroom floor and into the basement. The Manchester Plumbers team member in attendance quickly closed off the water supply and was able to return very soon with a new radiator to fit in the gap. A quick check was made of all the other radiators in the building and of the boiler only to find that maintenance of the entire central heating system had not been carried out for a number of years. Manchester Plumbers spotted deterioration in the fixtures and fittings, as well as with the boiler, which left the building vulnerable to more flooding and to facing a winter without heating, meaning risks of frozen pipes cracking and of course it being too cold to legally have employees working on the premises.

Clearly this was an issue that needed addressing right away. The Manchester Plumbers team returned the following day to discuss all options with the manager, and together we came up with the perfect solution to fit the layout of the building and the budget available. A new boiler was fitted on the same day, and radiators were sourced and fitted over the next couple of days. A lot of work to come from one emergency call! Manchester Plumbers based on what they cost took pride in kitting the offices out with durable equipment that will see it through this winter and many more to come. The customer learned an important lesson about the necessity of plumbing maintenance and was so impressed with the speed of our service and knowledge of the team that we have been signed up to a maintenance contract. Another busy and fulfilling week for Manchester Plumbers!